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Transitional Advising Program

The Transitional Advising Program (TAP) is a retention initiative within Letters and Sciences that supports the overall objectives of the University. The program provides comprehensive academic advising and academic support services to currently enrolled high credit (60+) UMD students moving between degree programs due to change in interest, inability to meet benchmarks or lack of sufficient GPA. TAP is not a degree-granting major, and students may remain in TAP for a maximum of one semester or registration period.

The TAP Coordinator helps students identify major options through career exploration and transcript analysis to achieve their academic goals. Working with the TAP Coordinator, students connect to various programs, services, and University faculty and staff to help students declare a major.

Melissa Hyre

Frequently Asked Questions

Students who have earned more than 60 credits (not including AP/IB credits*) and are changing to a major outside of their current college for any of the following reasons:

  • Students who have changed interests and are deciding on a degree-granting major outside of their current college.
  • Students who have been unable to complete the benchmarks for their major due to poor grades performance or failure to achieve requisite GPA.
  • Students who have not completed the work needed to select an alternative major and need career and major selection assistance.
  • Post-baccalaureate students who intend to pursue another Bachelor’s degree in a Limited Enrollment Program.

NOTE: Current Letters and Sciences students who have earned more than 60 credits are not eligible for TAP. LTSC students who declared a major must be in a degree-granting major at least one semester before being eligible for TAP.

* Students who have fewer than 60 credits after subtracting AP/IB credits should go through the regular LTSC change of major process.

Students interested in declaring Transitional Advising Program (TAP) should first meet with the TAP Coordinator.

Initiate a major change request and view available TAP Advising appointments.

TAP students have mandatory advising requirements through their duration in TAP. TAP students must complete:

Because of their early registration date, TAP students are strongly encouraged to schedule their first advising appointment early in the semester.

Advising appointments are typically 30 minutes and should be scheduled at least a day in advance. Current TAP students can schedule an advising appointment via TerpEngage

Current TAP students can also meet briefly with the TAP Coordinator during available TAP Advising hours.

The TAP Coordinator is a Letters and Sciences staff member that specializes in assessing students' career/major goals and matching them with the requirements of potential majors. Students can contact the TAP Coordinator, Melissa Hyre, at

The TAP Coordinator is available via Drop-in Advising and also Advising Appointments.

Drop-ins are brief, same day appointments. To be eligible for TAP Drop-in Advising, you must be: 

  • A student with more than 60 credits (not including AP/IB credits) who is deciding on a major outside of your current college.


  • A current TAP student

Eligible students can use the Drop-In Advising calendar to connect during available TAP Advising hours.

Current TAP students may also make an appointment via TerpEngage.



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