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Letters & Sciences Change of Major

The online change of major process is designed for students who would like to change from a degree-granting major into Letters and Sciences (undeclared).


To complete the LTSC Change of Major process, students MUST meet both of the following criteria:

  1. Current major must be outside Letters and Sciences.
  2. Student should have no more than 59 credits upon entering Letters and Sciences. (Students with 60 credits or more, please contact the Transitional Advising Program.)

Students in the Maryland Promise Program should contact the Maryland Promise Program Manager to discuss changing to Letters and Sciences.

Freshmen Connection students are eligible to complete the LTSC Change of Major once the fall semester begins. To change your major prior to the start of the fall semester email

Note: Students over 48 credits can only remain in LTSC one semester.  The University of Maryland requires all Students be in a major by 60 credits.

Begin the Major Change Process

You will be provided access to the following list of tasks; all tasks must be completed before your request can be reviewed.

  1. Read the LTSC requirements and confirm that you have read and understand them.
  2. View the LTSC Advising Presentation and confirm that this step has been completed.
  3. Complete the LTSC Advising Presentation Quiz and confirm that this has been submitted.
  4. Complete the LTSC Advising Agreement and 2-Semester-Plan and confirm that these have been submitted.

Once all steps are completed, an LTSC Advisor will review your materials and contact you to let you know if there are any issues, or if your change of major has been processed.

After the change of major is processed, students may use Drop-In Advising or email for advising assistance until they are assigned to an advisor. Students will be provided with additional details on advisor assignment via email.

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