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Permission to Enroll at Another Institution

If a current Maryland student wishes to take a course at another institution, and have that course and its credits transfer back into Maryland, that student is required to submit a “Permission to Enroll” (PTE) form. By having the course approved, the student (1) assures the credit will absolutely be counted toward graduation at Maryland and (2) will have evidence of permission from Maryland to take the course. Sometimes, especially in Maryland Community Colleges, those institutions will require this approval in order for students to register. Typically, courses are taken during the summer or winter terms. 

For students who wish to enroll in courses at another institution during the same semester that they are taking courses at Maryland ("concurrently"), they must also ask for an additional “Exception to Academic Policy” in addition to submitting the PTE form. See directions below:

  1. Complete the online Permission to Enroll Form.
  2. Complete an Exception to Academic Policy request - Type 1 for "concurrent enrollment".
  3. Both the online PTE form and the Exception to Academic Policy request need to be submitted and approved before you will be allowed to take the course at another institution.

View the Office of the Registrar's Student User Guide if you need help with how to complete the Electronic Permission to Enroll Form.

To be eligible to apply your standard financial aid office towards approved course(s) taken at another institution, you must also submit a Permission to Enroll Financial Aid Worksheet

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