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Transfer Student Programs

Academic advisors assist students as they transition to the University and into their best fit major, with special attention to how transfer students' prior credits may be applicable to UMD degree requirements.

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Whether you are a prospective, newly admitted, or current transfer student, find useful UMD Transfer Resources provided by the University's Transfer Experience Network.

For Newly Admitted Transfers

Review UMD Transfer Resources' detailed information for Newly Admitted Transfer Students.

If you would like to discuss your eligibility for your intended Limited Enrollment Program (LEP) major before accepting admission to the University of Maryland, visit our Prospective Transfer Drop-In Advising Hours or email questions to

  • Prospective Transfer Drop-In Advising Hours will be held virtually via Zoom. Access the Zoom meeting link during scheduled drop-in hours by clicking on the calendar events listed below.
  • Please be sure to have copies of unofficial transcripts from all institutions attended -- our advising will only be as accurate as the information provided.

Prospective Transfer Drop-In Advising Hours

Prospective Transfer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

UMD maintains a Transfer Course Database that is publicly accessible. If you have an exact course number from a specific institution you can search to find if that course is accepted at UMD, and if so, what it is acceptable as.

Courses that are considered acceptable receive one of the following evaluations:

  • direct equivalency to a University of Maryland course
  • no direct equivalency, but satisfies general education requirement
  • no direct equivalency, but accepted as a general elective

If a course does not yet appear in our database, it does not mean UMD will not accept it for transfer. It simply means the course has not previously been evaluated for transfer.

Newly admitted students with transfer courses from domestic institutions can obtain access to their preliminary transfer credit evaluation starting usually 2-3 weeks after the receipt of their admission letter.

The preliminary transfer credit evaluation can be reviewed via the student's UMD unofficial transcript in Testudo.

It is important to note that the evaluation of transfer courses is an ongoing process that typically continues through the first semester at the University. 

Some courses require further review to determine transferability to UMD. These courses are listed on your UMD unofficial transcript as credit pending, needs a syllabus, needs an evaluation (N1 or N2), or needs further review (R1 or R2).

To aid in the review process, send syllabi from past courses to the appropriate department evaluator (e.g. send math syllabi to the Mathematics Department Evaluator) and request transfer equivalency reviews.

Review the section, "Understand Your Transfer Credits" from UMD Transfer Resources page for Newly Admitted Transfers.

Transfer students who are interested in Limited Enrollment Programs (LEPs) at UMD must successfully complete a specific set of courses, or "gateway" requirements to be eligible for admission to the major.

If you applied for an LEP and were placed in Letters and Sciences, it is because you were not found admissible. One or more of the following may pertain to you:

  • Your previous institution may not have offered a course equivalent to the gateway course required by the LEP program at UMD.
  • You may have previously taken a course that you thought satisfied the LEP gateway requirements, but you have not received transfer credit for direct equivalency of that gateway course at UMD.
  • You may be currently completing your last gateway requirement at your previous institution.
  • You may have completed all gateway courses, but you may not meet the minimum cumulative GPA required for your intended major which takes into account all courses taken at all institutions.
  • You may have violated the LEP repeat policy that allows only one qualifying course to be repeated once. (Grades of W count as attempts.)

If you were denied direct admission to one of the programs when you first applied to Maryland, you still have the ability to take gateway courses for the LEP major and apply again (as an "internal transfer") as long as you have not violated the LEP repeat policy and can achieve the necessary overall GPA.

Students who have violated the LEP repeat policy, or are unable to reach the necessary overall GPA for their major and are no longer eligible for that major, will be advised on alternate majors that best fit their interests and career goals.


  • Tau Sigma National Honor Society - UMD's national honor society for transfer students
  • Transfer & Off-Campus Student Life (TOCSL) - Find ways to get involved, get access to university resources, or just meet other transfer and off-campus students
  • Transfer Credit Services - Need to have past transfer courses evaluated? Follow the Transfer Course Evaluation Process
  • Veteran Student Life - Access the hub of resources that serve veterans and military-connected students, staff, and faculty on campus, including information about Veterans Center (1112 Cole Field House), VA Education Benefits, DoD Tuition Assistance, Veteran Student Life (student organization), and more
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