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Law School Admissions Statistics

Interested in learning more about Maryland’s pre-law advising program?

The Pre-Law Advising Office serves students interested in law school and legal careers. We offer a variety of advising services to guide students through the academic and administrative processes necessary to achieve their goals. Our office also hosts events throughout the year to meet student and alumni needs, including a law school fair, admissions panels, and interviews on campus. 

What is Maryland’s acceptance rate into law schools?

Students from University of Maryland, College Park have excellent acceptance rates into law schools. Maryland students have acceptance rates consistently higher than the national average. In 2022, 88% of Maryland seniors and 81% of all Maryland graduates were admitted to one or more law schools.

Pre-law 2022

How many students are accepted into top law schools?

Many Maryland students and alumni are accepted at schools ranked in the Top 10 and Top 30 by US News & World Report. Maryland students and alumni are currently attending Top 10 and Top 30 schools in significant numbers, with over 200 Terps now studying at a Top 30 law school.

Individual School Acceptances of Maryland Students in Top law Schools

Harvard 22
University of Chicago 18
Columbia 17
New York University 34
University of Pennsylvania 21
University of Virginia 32
University of Michigan 16
Duke 20
California - Berkeley 18
Georgetown 49
Vanderbilt 23
George Washington 122
Boston University 25


Top 10 Acceptances 179
Top 10 Matriculants 69
Top 30 Acceptances 711
Top 30 Matriculants 201

Where do Maryland students and alumni go to law school?

Maryland alumni attend law schools all over the country. Maryland is consistently among the top 20 largest feeders to law schools, with approximately 350 seniors and alumni applying to law school last year.

Schools Accepting 4 or More Maryland Students for Fall 2022 Admission

*Top 50 Schools

American Chicago* Georgetown* Northwestern* Syracuse
Arizona Chicago Kent Harvard* Ohio State* Temple
Arizona State* Columbia* Hofstra Pace Texas*
Baltimore UCONN Howard Penn* Touro
Boston College* Cornell* Loyola-Chicago Pepperdine* Tulane
Boston Univ.* UDC Maryland Pittsburg Vanderbilt*
Brooklyn Drexel Miami Richmond Vermont
Cal-Berkeley* Duke* Michigan* Rutgers Villanova
Cal-Irvine* Duquesne Minnesota* St. John's Virginia*
Cal-Davis* Emory* New England San Francisco Wash. & Lee*
UCLA* Florida* New York Law Seton Hall Washington Univ.*
Cardozo Fordham* NYU* South Carolina Widener - Common.
Catholic George Mason* UNC* USC* Widener - Del.
Charleston George Wash.* Northeastern Suffolk William & Mary*

The acceptance rate of Maryland seniors and alumni is consistently better than the overall acceptance rate at most of our top feeders.

Top Feeders Maryland Acceptance Rate Overall Acceptance Rate UMD v. Overall
Maryland 41% 33% +8
George Washington 29% 26% +3
American 38% 32% +6
Georgetown 12% 16% -4
Baltimore 68% 55% +15
Penn 12% 11% +1
NYU 20% 17% +3
Catholic 43% 39% +4
Fordham 22% 21% +1
George Mason 31% 23% +8
Virginia 21% 12% +9
Columbia 13% 13% 0
Boston University 16% 19% -3
Harvard 16% 10% +6
Brooklyn 58% 45% +13
Cardozo 42% 34% +8
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