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Interim Advising Program

The Interim Advising Program (IAP) within Letters and Sciences allows students that transfer to Maryland with 60 or more credits, who are interested in a Limited Enrollment Program (LEP), to meet any outstanding requirements towards those majors and apply for admission. IAP students are assigned to an LTSC Advisor who will help them to identify what requirements they have left to complete for their intended LEP as well as help them to select an alternative major.

IAP students have two semesters to meet admission requirements for the LEP major of their choice. At the end of the two-semester period, IAP students must either gain acceptance into the LEP major or declare an alternate non-LEP major.

IAP students have mandatory advising requirements each semester they remain in Letters and Sciences. IAP students must complete:

  • 1 Advising appointment with their assigned LTSC Advisor
  • Two Semester Academic Plan 
  • Exploration Activity (assigned by your advisor)

Because of their early registration date, IAP students are strongly encouraged to schedule an advising appointment early in the semester. Students can schedule an advising appointment via TerpEngage


How do I know if I am an IAP student?

Students can verify if they are in the Interim Advising Program by consulting the major listed on their UMD unofficial transcript via Testudo

I don't know who my assigned advisor is

Call (301) 314-8418 or 


I do not have an advisor

Newly admitted IAP students are sent an email by the 3rd-4th week of the semester by their assigned LTSC Advisor.

Students who do not yet have an assigned advisor can:


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