Tangible Tactics for Probation and Dismissal Students

The following list provides specific areas from which you and your advisors may select. You should begin this process immediately following the first meeting and turn in results by the second meeting of the semester.

A. Study Skills Options:

  1. Note Card Activity
  2. Cornell Note Taking Activity
  3. Text Book and Lecture Notes
  4. Guided Study Sessions
  5. Academic Achievement Program Services - Academic Success and Tutorial Services
  6. Professor Interview

B. Time Management Options:    

  1. Semester Planner
  2. Color coded Full Weekly Schedule
  3. Urgency Index

C. Tuition Breakdown Activity Options:

  1. Where’s My Tuition Money Going at Maryland?

D. Major Exploration Options:

  1. Exploration Activity (Advisor will give you instructions)
  2. Counseling Center Majors Walk–ins