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Exception to Academic Policy Form
Type 2 Exceptions Requests

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am requesting an exception or exceptions to academic policy as indicated below; check all that apply. I realize that University policy and deadlines protect the integrity of the academic experience at the university and that I am responsible for adhering to them except under extenuating circumstances, as I will explain.

Note: Checkboxes and fields marked with a * must be filled out in order to submit this form. In the area provided give a full explanation of the circumstances which necessitate the request.

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Select all that apply:

  1. REGISTER with a Time Conflict
A time conflict between two courses is sometimes unavoidable. If this occurs, students must first work out an acceptable arrangement with both instructors of the classes that overlap and submit a request to LTSC asking that they be allowed to register for both courses. Students must provide LTSC with documentation from both faculty confirming that the conflict has been successfully resolved. The documentation must come directly from the faculty members via email to or on departmental letterhead signed by the instructor. No other form of documentation is acceptable. Once both faculty have confirmed that a workable solution exists, LTSC will provide the student with the necessary electronic stamps to register for or remain in both classes.

  2. DROP after withdrawal period with a "W"
Students who missed the deadline for the last day to drop a course with a “W” and feel they have extenuating circumstances may apply for this exception. Please note that if you completed the course (i.e. took the final exam) regardless of circumstances, your exception is unlikely to be approved.

  3. DROP after schedule adjustment without a "W"
Students will only be considered for this exception if they can prove they either 1) never attended the course or 2) stopped attending on or before the last day of schedule adjustment. This proof must be in the form of an email from the faculty member sent directly to the or a note on departmental letterhead signed by the faculty member.

  4. DROP more than one course
Students are only permitted to drop one course (or up to 4 credits) after schedule adjustment and before the last day to drop a class with a “W.” Significant extenuating circumstances must exist for a drop of more than one course to be approved, such as documented illness or death in the family.

  5. DROP required ENGL or MATH course
Students receive a fundamental studies block on their records when fundamental studies English or math has not been completed in a timely manner. When requesting approval to drop a required fundamental studies class, a plan for completion of the requirement must be provided.

  6. REGISTER after schedule adjustment
Students may request this exception if they are mistakenly attending a course for which they are not registered. All late add requests must be resolved two weeks after the end of the schedule adjustment period. Please note: it is against University policy to attend a course for which you are not registered! To add a class after schedule adjustment, students must provide the Special Exceptions Coordinator with documentation from the faculty member giving LTSC consent for the late add to the course. This documentation must come directly via email to or on departmental letterhead signed by the instructor. No other form of documentation is acceptable. If the course is closed, students must also provide either an oversubscription form or ensure that the appropriate department enters an electronic oversubscription stamp into the Student Information System. Students wishing to add courses from any department within the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS) may only do so if the course has an open seat.  BSOS will not grant any oversubscriptions.

  7. REGISTER for a course a 3rd or 4th time
Students are only permitted two attempts at a course. However, in some circumstances, students may be considered for an exception to this policy, particularly if the course fulfills the fundamental math or English requirement. If it is a math course, students may be asked to first meet with a Math Learning Specialist in the Learning Assistance Service in Shoemaker Hall to discuss their ongoing difficulties with the math course in question. The Math Specialist's office will provide LTSC with a written recommendation, at which time the Exceptions Coordinator will make a decision about the third/fourth attempt. For all other courses the student must provide a written statement detailing why their performance will be improved in the next attempt and how this will factor into their choice of a major. Please note, LTSC must uphold the policies of the department/college in which the course is held and/or of the student’s intended major(s).

  8. REMAIN in LTSC an additional semester
Students with 60 credits are expected to declare a degree-granting major and will not be permitted to remain in LTSC. Once a student has earned 60 credits, a block is put on their registration for the upcoming semester. Under some circumstances, students can request that they remain in LTSC an additional semester. These requests are rarely granted and will only be considered if 1) the student came to the university with a high number of AP or IB credits, or 2) the student will be applying to a limited enrollment major and appears very likely to be admitted at the end of the additional semester. “Very likely” means the student has all the requirements completed or is currently completing them, has the required GPA, and is within the acceptable credit limits. Students should not apply for this exception until they have earned 60 credits and have a block placed on their registration.

  9. Other
Any request not designated above. Explain the request in the text area below.


**NOTE: Each of the following items MUST be completed to submit the request for review.

The academic semester for which I am requesting this action is:

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Read the following statements before submitting your Exception to Academic Policy Form:

I understand that if I am requesting a Drop or Late Add there may be resulting financial fees or penalties. Check with the Office of the Bursar concerning the University's billing and payment schedules. I understand that if I have financial aid, I must consult the Office of Student Financial Aid for the credit level requirements governing my aid prior to submitting this request.

I understand that I must continue attending class until a decision is made.

*Initial Below: I affirm that the information provided in this form is true and accurate to best of my knowledge. I have read the statements above and understand my obligation to provide any additional documentation.


If you do not received a response within 5 business days it is your responsibility to email to inquire about the status of your request.