To LTSC Family (Students, Staff, Alum, and Allies)

We are all experiencing many emotions right now; grief, fear, anger, etc., over the senseless murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others. Widespread social and racial inequity, such as the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus on communities of color, has only exacerbated these emotions. We want you to know that we hear your concerns, share your frustration, and feel the weight of the impact this is having on all of us.

We live in a society built on systemic inequality where those with privilege and power have gained from the pain, suffering, and silencing of those without. Now, we find ourselves uniquely positioned on the frontlines of social change. We can all play a critical role in cultivating equitable spaces where all people (particularly those from marginalized populations) are able to achieve at their highest level, feel validated and secure, and have equal access to opportunities often denied to them. Calling out and disrupting oppressive structures is not easy, but we all have a duty to disrupt the status quo; by speaking up, listening, educating yourself and others, and supporting one another. We can no longer ignore the role we all play or think that we have committed enough to doing what is right.

Please join the University of Maryland Office of Diversity and Inclusion for a Week of Solidarity and Reflection, and below is a list of resources shared by President Loh and the University:

  • If you are interested in being in community with others, to process the pain, exhaustion, and fear, email the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at
  • If you seek individual support, email Dr. Chetan Joshi, director of the Counseling Center, at
  • If you are interested in reading White Fragility or Me & White Supremacy, and discussing it with members of the community and leaders from embraceRace@umd, email Student Affairs at
  • If you are interested in working with your leadership team, unit, department or division to strengthen cultural competency, and engage in doing the work, email Dr. Carlton Green, director of Diversity Training and Education, at
  • If you want to connect with and/or receive support from leaders within our Nyumburu Center, email director Dr. Ron Ziegler at
  • If you are a member of a cultural student organization and want to be in community with others, email Brandon Dula, assistant director of Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy (MICA) at
  • If you have concerns or questions about current policies that could negatively impact you and members of your community, email Dr. Andrea Goodwin, director of Student Conduct, at
  • If you seek spiritual support, email Campus Chaplain Holly Ulmer at and she will connect you to other campus chaplains as needed.
  • If you would like to know more about our University of Maryland Police Department and its policies and protocols, email Chief David Mitchell at
  • If you are interested in organizing other efforts that help our University and/or FIRE become more of what it professes and aspires to be, email any of us your ideas and we will help you organize and connect with others.

LTSC stands in solidarity with you.
We stand together as Terps!