Current Students

The following advising information pertains to undergraduate students who are currently enrolled as Letters and Sciences (LTSC).

Mandatory Advising Appointments

All LTSC students have mandatory advising required before they will be cleared to register for the upcoming semester. Students are required to meet between 1 to 3 times depending on their class standing and status. Students should have their first meeting early in the semester and schedule their additional meetings well in advance of their registration date for the following semester. The number of required advising appointments are:

  • First Semester at UMD: 2 advising meetings required
  • Under 30 Credits Students: 2 advising meetings per semester
  • Between 30 - 60 Credits: 1 advising meeting per semester
  • Probation or Dismissal: 3 advising meetings per semester

If a student does not have the required amount of appointments or does not complete all required assignments, they will not be allowed to register for the upcoming semester. Students may be required to meet more than the minimum if they need additional assistance, have not completed necessary assignments, or are probation/dismissal students.

  • Students that arrive late (more than 9 minutes) for an appointment may be asked to reschedule.
  • Students should not wait until last minute to schedule their required appointments. After the mid-point of the semester advisors' calendars fill-up so students that procrastinate may need to wait a week or more to see their advisor.

Appointments must be made with your assigned advisor. If you do not know who your advisor is contact LTSC at 301-314-8418.

Advising Requirements

In addition to meeting with your advisor the required amount of time, you must also complete and submit the following each semester:

  • Four-Semester Plan: Since students can only remain in LTSC for four semesters at most, they are required to complete an academic plan that maps out what classes they will complete over four semesters. IAP students complete a two-semester plan.
    • Note: Students should not wait until last minute to submit a plan for approval. Once submitted advisors may need several days to review and once reviewed, additional changes may be needed.

  • Exploration Activity: Each semester LTSC students will be required to explore possible majors or learn more about a particular major they have in mind. These exploration activities may range from taking an introductory course, attending an information workshop, meeting with a department advisor, shadowing a professional in a particular field, or meeting with a career advisor in the Career Center. The student's assigned advisor will determine which activity is most useful for the student to complete.

Advising Notes

The University has implemented a new system that allows students to run unofficial degree audits and view advising notes online; u.Achieve.

From now on all of your Letters and Sciences advising notes will be saved to u.Achieve for you to access at anytime. To access the system you can visit and select the link that says "Degree Audit" or you can go directly to visit

  1. Click on "Undergraduate Students"
  2. Click on "Comments" in the menu at the top of the page

If you need help using the system or would like to view tutorials visit,

Registration Blocks

These are some of the most common registration blocks that will prevent you from registering for the next semester.

  • Advising Block: This block is assigned to students that have not met with their advisor (either at all or for a second time) during the semester. In order to get this advising block removed, you must contact our office and set up an appointment to meet with your advisor.
  • Academic Probation/Dismissal Status Block: Students on academic probation or dismissal must meet with their academic advisor three (3) times during the semester per our Probation/Dismissal Policy. Please note that students on probation or dismissal must also get approval from their advisor for each course they enroll or drop.
  • Major Block (Must Declare a Major): This registration block is assigned to LTSC students who have reached 60 credits. Please note that the only way to have this block removed is to declare a degree-granting major.
  • Financial Block: This block is assigned to students who have an unpaid student account balance with the University. In order to get this block lifted students must go to the Office of Bursar’s and pay the account balance.
  • Fundamental English and/or Math Block: Students who have not completed their Fundamental English and/or Math requirements within their first 30 credits will have this block assigned to them. Students must go in person to the Registrar’s Office (1st floor Mitchell Building) to get this block removed and registered.
  • Vaccination Block: All students are required to provide the University an immunization form. If you have not done so, you will need to submit this form to the University Health Center.

Other Information